• Fede Montagud, editor

    The skin revealed

    27 Dec


    This blog did not yet exist when the Skin exhibition was held in London as an invitation to reflect on our most overlooked organ. Our skin protects us from external aggressions, enables us to feel and transmits cultural characteristics.


    Skin is a philosophical journey to the skin through images, the earliest anatomical illustrations, works by contemporary artists (e.g., biological jewellery made from epithelial cells) and scarifying, tattoos and other cultural expressions. The exhibition also explains how dermatology came into being as a medical specialty in the 19th century. The curator of the exhibition, which, fortunately, can still be visited online, was Javier Moscoso, a science historian and philosopher with the Spanish Advanced Research Council (CSIC). Although readers may find some of the images very graphic, we strongly recommend a visit to the exhibition website.


    Virtual visit:

    Wellcome Collection: Skin

    Skin exhibition

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